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Reborn Doll Club
Reborn Doll Club
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Reborn Doll Clubs Australia!

This year has been an exciting year where we have seen the need for a Reborn Doll Club.
I am at present the President of the Reborn Doll Club in Central Nth Queensland, but that is not to say that you are not able to join, or for those who have enough experience to qualify can branch out and start their own district of the Reborn Doll Club please contact me if you wish to start a club in your district as there are rules, regulations as well as other things that need to be discussed as it would be considered part of the Whole Reborn Doll Club here in Australia.
If you do not live near me or a franchised section of the club this does not mean that you can not be a member. You are still able to join and you will still recieve up to date letters and information in regards to Reborning.
If you would like some information on joining please email me with your address so that I can send you out some information

please note that Reborn Doll Club is Australia wide and covers all regions and it is not permitted to start a Reborn Doll Club without the written permission of myself or by Donna Beadle who is the President of the Hobart Region of the Doll Club Australia. If you are found running an unregistered Reborn Doll Club in Australia you may have legal action taking against you.

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